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What are the major Forex currencies pairs?

As long as you have the trading account, you can trade any pair in the market that you like. If I were you, I will not trade in any of the pair that I want to trade rather than trade in the pair that is good and stable. There are a lot of the trade […]

Why I choose Forex Trading?

There are so many investments in the market now, such as Stock Trading, Option Trading and etc, but I’m choosing Forex Trading instead of the rest. What is the reason behind that? Reason that I choose Forex Trading 1) Small Model to start with, as little as USD250 to start your investment accounts. There is […]

What are the factors that contributed to influences Forex Market?

Forex just like share marketing also very much depending on the world wide economy, if you want to involve in Forex market, please pay close attention to the world news that will impacted Forex directly or indirectly. What are the major factors that directly influence Forex Market? To my understanding this till, mostly there are […]

What are the major currencies that can be traded in the Forex Market?

There are a lot of currencies that can be traded in the market, you and me as a trader need to be careful on which currency is safe to invest. My advise is always go for those that are widely recognize. Which currency that widely recognize by world wide? The leader of the currency will […]

Why we need Goal in Forex Trading?

In order to keep you moving in the Forex Market, you need to create a goal so that you can use that to measure your performance throughout the month. For example, let’s said you have a capital of USD 1000 in your account and you have put down a Goal with 10% return. You will […]

What is the Winning Attitude in Forex Market

How to become a winner in Forex Market ? Want to become a winner in Forex Market? Off course the answer is YES. But why still there a lot of people still losing the money in Forex Market? The answer is simple, because they don’t planned. Simply went into the market, buy and sell. The […]

What is pip in Forex Exchange?

Before you start to trade in Forex, you must understanding what is called Pip. Basically, Pip is an unit of measurement in Forex Market, any winning trade or losing trade also count in Pips. A pip will be the smallest unit or price that increase or decrease in the currency pair. There are some others […]

How’s Forex Megadroid performed?

I was pretty happy with Forex Megadroid performance which I have tried for more than 5 weeks, 90% of the days were profitable and some day break even as well as lost. Overall, 90% of it was winning day. I started with risk setting of 7% and overall returned was 10% per month which I […]

How’s the FAPTurbo Expert Advisor performed?

My sincere opinion, there is NO EA software that can win the market all way long due to the facts the actual market is based on a lot of factors, like economy, country news and etc. There will not be any fix answer whether which EA is the best.  All the EA performances are based […]

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