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Market Review for October 2010 Week 2

USD/JPY pair: Down and hit the lower level of the 16 Years. EUR/USD pair: Up and performing truly good where I have 3 to 5 pretty Buy Trade. Well done.

Forex Trade Review for 2nd week of Septemeber 2010

US Dollar / Japan Yen: Although USD/JPY reached extremely low last week but only for a short while. They managed to rebound back into a big range.  Expected to stay there for a while before its break the range Euro / US Dollar. Last week EUR/USD formed a ranging in the M15/H1 range. But now […]

Forex Trade Review for 1st of Septemeber 2010

US Dollar / Japan Yen Pair Strong rebound to the top of 85.90 was indicated a down market which pulls back USD/JPY to as low as 83.70 and continue with a big range.  An exhibition of price movement by market emotions. Please take note that market may remain soft until Wed or Thurs. My advise […]

Forex Weekly Review for August 2010

USD/JPY Review: US Dollar / Japan Yen  was dropped sharply to as low as 83.58 last week where indicated a strong rebound then formed a higher high uptrend which can be seen in H1 chart. I think will be a good time to buy some. Yen strengthens strongly causing USD/JPY pair to plunge after a […]

How to transfer your EA to your Virtual Server?

Just in case if you want to run the EA on your own hosted server and you do not know how to do, just follow the below steps helping you to copy your EA into the server 1) First of all, you need a software called FileZilla to transfer your EA files to your remote […]

What is the platform to Trade Forex online?

If you are planning to trade with EA, you need to have the below: 1) Forex Live accounts 2) Virtual Server to host your EA 3) Highly recommended EA 4) Platform to run the EA 5) Install the EA With regards to the platform, I will be using MT4 (Metatarder 4) from which I […]

How to get a Virtual Private Server to host you EA (Expert Advisor)?

What is Virtual private Server? Virtual Private Server is an actual hardware that hosted in somewhere where the service provider will help you to create some spaces in order for you to install your software and let it run from there. In short, we called it Virtual Server. The Virtual Server functionality is the same […]

What is spread?

Spread is differences when you buy or sell. In other words, we can said the diffrent in between the actual price and the buying or selling price. For example, USD/JPY you bought at 1.4529 and the actual price is 1.4527, in this case, the spread will be 2 pips. Does all pair has the 2 […]

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