Why I choose Forex Trading?

There are so many investments in the market now, such as Stock Trading, Option Trading and etc, but I’m choosing Forex Trading instead of the rest. What is the reason behind that?

Reason that I choose Forex Trading

1) Small Model to start with, as little as USD250 to start your investment accounts. There is no other investment where allow you to have as little as USD250 to start with. This is very good for us to learn and gain experience before you start even more bigger amount of model to invest.

2) Fast in returned, as fast as 5 minutes you can close your trade and earn your profit. As long as you put your stop loss / take profit, then you can close your trading window and proceed with what you want to do.

3) Day and night trading zone, a 24 hours of market is waiting for you so that you can choose any of the windows that good for you. That was the reason that I choose Forex market instead of others.

4) Regardless the market direction, you also can put in trade and win the profit from there. This is the more beauty part of the Forex Market.

Ans many more reasons that I choose Forex Market. The above 4 reasons were on my top list and that’s why I sahre this out. Of course on top be benefits, we have the risks too where we have to take note like:

1) Always set stop loss to secure your model from being loss in one trade

2) Always set take profit too as it is not possible for us to monitor the market for 24 hours.

3) Don’t open many trades at one time to mimimise your loss too.