What is the Winning Attitude in Forex Market

How to become a winner in Forex Market ?

Want to become a winner in Forex Market? Off course the answer is YES. But why still there a lot of people still losing the money in Forex Market? The answer is simple, because they don’t planned. Simply went into the market, buy and sell. The more they loss, the more they trade. In this scenarios, how can you win without planning?  If you want to become a winner, then you need to plan, plan and plan. For example, one day you want to trade how many trade? Like myself, I promise myself to have at least one trade per day, regardless the result one trade meaning is one trade. Can you do that? If you want to become winner, you got have that mindset.

What Else I need to win in Forex Market ?

You need to have good money management in order to be success in the Forex Market. Each time, you only used up to 10% to 15% of your capital. For example, if you have capital of USD1000, meaning that each time you can trade up to USD100 per trade. If you loss, max is USD100 per day. If a pip is worth USD0.10, then you can effort to loss up too 1000 pips per day. Remember, any of the time you have trade, you maximum risk will be 1000 pips per day.

Do I need a good strategy in order to win more in Forex Market ?

The answer is yes, you need to have at least one to two methods in order for you to win in the market. Learn from expert one or two strategies that can help you to win in the market, then keep practices till you see the result. Play one or two trade per day with the same method, by time you keep practicing, you will master the way too. Concentrate on one to two currencies are good enough. The reason is each currency pair will have their pattern, choose one or two to start with them. I’m sure that you can be the Winner one day.

What is the Conclusion?

In order to win, you need to have the following:
1) Your daily target
2) Your good method
3) Your own Money management way

Wish you can success in the Forex market too.