What is the platform to Trade Forex online?

If you are planning to trade with EA, you need to have the below:
1) Forex Live accounts
2) Virtual Server to host your EA
3) Highly recommended EA
4) Platform to run the EA
5) Install the EA

With regards to the platform, I will be using MT4 (Metatarder 4) from Forex.com which I think so far the best platform that I have used. very simple, all you need to do are as below:

1) Go to www.forex.com and open an account with them before you can download the MT4 platform.

2) Once your have done that, they will ask your to create a demo account and from they you will get a link to download this platform.

3) When you are done, you can install the platform into your system.

4) You can either copy and FTP over the files to the hosting. I will touch the FTP portion in my next coming articles.

5) When you are completed, try to login with the account number, password that you have created during the account creation process and last like select from the drop down list on the server that your account is hosted. Usually, when come to this, you need to select one by one on the server drop down list until you are succeesfully login. If you have any issues, send a support ticket to them and they will get back to you asap.