What are the major currencies that can be traded in the Forex Market?

There are a lot of currencies that can be traded in the market, you and me as a trader need to be careful on which currency is safe to invest. My advise is always go for those that are widely recognize.

Which currency that widely recognize by world wide?

The leader of the currency will be USD (US Dollar), which is the main currency pair in the world. A lot of trading also using USD. Therefore any pair with USD are most safe to play with.

The next will be Euro Dollar, the world 2nd large currency other than US Dollar. This currency is commonly using in 15 countries inside Europe. For the past records, it shown a very strong and consistent growth and that was why I like this currency.

Japan Yen will be the next in line which is the 3rd largest currency pair other than 2 currencies that stated above. Japan Yen is one of the currency that is very active everyday around the world, meaning to said it involved with a lot of financial transaction in the world.

The rest like Great British pound, Australian and Canadian dollar which I think is too risky to involve if you are still new in Forex Market.

Which currencies pair you like the most?

I like USD/JPY pair because it’s the most stable pair in the Forex Market which I think is a good currency pair to trade. It has been very consistent for the past history and that’s why I’m highly recomended to the niewbies.