What are the factors that contributed to influences Forex Market?

Forex just like share marketing also very much depending on the world wide economy, if you want to involve in Forex market, please pay close attention to the world news that will impacted Forex directly or indirectly.

What are the major factors that directly influence Forex Market?

To my understanding this till, mostly there are 2 direct reasons that will impacted Forex market:

1) World Wide Economy – Anything that is related to economic growth, unemployment rate, newly announced budget by government and etc will badly impacted to Forex. Please pay immediately attention on the topics that listed above. Anything that is bad, usually, their currency will be badly impacted.

2) Political reason – Anything related to politic will also impacted Forex Market. Do keep you eye on this area too that will impacted Forex Market too. Eg, Any bad news on US market, do not participate any up trade to the forex market.

Basically those are the 2 major factors that will hit badly for any of the Forex Trader. If you are an experience trader, then you will know how to react on this but all these required time and experience. While you are new, please pay close attentions on those factors and becareful while you are trading.