How to transfer your EA to your Virtual Server?

Just in case if you want to run the EA on your own hosted server and you do not know how to do, just follow the below steps helping you to copy your EA into the server

1) First of all, you need a software called FileZilla to transfer your EA files to your remote site. These can be downloaded from Internet by performed a search on “FileZilla Download”. Download it from the net and install it into the system.

2) When completed, double click the icon to launch the File transfer program.

3) At the hosting text box, key in the IP address where you can obtained from the welcome letter.

4) At the username and password text box, key in administrator in the username text box and password that you have set or you can also get it from the welcome letter too.

5) Once done, click connect. If you are not able to connect, you need to remotely dial into your hosting, look for administrative tools and select Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager. Double click on the IIS and look for File Transfer Services and start the services in order for you to send the file to your hosting.

6) Once you can connect to the to your remote server, locate the EA file with extension <filename>.EX4 from left window. On the right windows, expend the place where your platform is installed, move to a folder call experts and stay there.

7) On the left hand window, double click the <filename>.EX4 to upload the file to the scripts folder.

8) When completed, then you can proceed to start to startup your trading platform and navigate to Expert Advisor on the left hand window, select the EA that you want to run, right click the mouse and select “attached to chart”, tell the platform you want this EA to run on this particular pair of currency. When done, select to play sign on top of the windows.

9) If you are able to do that, then you can see a smile face on top of the right hand corner of your platform. Meaning that your EA is successfully loaded.

Note: Usually when you buy any EA, there will come with installation guide and follow the guide your should be to activate your EA.