How to get a Virtual Private Server to host you EA (Expert Advisor)?

What is Virtual private Server?

Virtual Private Server is an actual hardware that hosted in somewhere where the service provider will help you to create some spaces in order for you to install your software and let it run from there. In short, we called it Virtual Server.

The Virtual Server functionality is the same with actual server, may be in term of memory and space might be vary with the actual server depending on the plan that you are enrolling.

How to enroll for a virtual server plan to host my EA?

2) Select the Windows VPS for $18 per month and click on it
3) Select order to proceed with you need to create a profile and credit card information in order to process your order.
4) Once completed wait for 1 to 2 days for further instruction.
5) You instruction basically will have one Administrator password as well as IP address for you to remotely dial in.

How Can I connect to my Virtual Server?

Once you have the details, you need to perform the following:

1) At your local PC, go to START –> Program –> Accessories –> Remote Desktop connection

2) A window will pop up and you need to supply the IP Address in order for you to connect to you virtual server, once that done click on connect.

3) You will then need to supply the Administrator password (which usually come with the same letter where you get the IP Address)

4) Once you have successfully login you can now proceed to perform what you like to perform.

5) When done, move your mouse to any place of the bottom of your server and right click –> Select Task Manager –> Go to User tab and select the session that you are in now and click disconnect to close your session.