How’s the FAPTurbo Expert Advisor performed?

My sincere opinion, there is NO EA software that can win the market all way long due to the facts the actual market is based on a lot of factors, like economy, country news and etc. There will not be any fix answer whether which EA is the best.  All the EA performances are based on the ROI, to me averagely 10% to 20% monthly of return will be good enough. FAPturbo is one of them giving me this ROI.

What is FAPTurbo good and bad?

FAPturbo come with a lot of settings that allow you to set or adjust accordingly to what you want but sometime this settings are too deep for a beginner to deal with it.

FAPturbo is not suitable for a beginner where those settings are not really self explanatory to the beginner, therefore you need to spend a lot of time to understand them in order to see the result.

How’s the ROI for FAPturbo?

From start until now, I was able to gain about 15% averagely on this EA, but bear in mind that this is something meaning for long term investment and you don’t expect to see any quick result in one or two months time. Give yourself about 6 to 8 months in order to see the result. I have been explored with this EA, the results are so far so good for me.

What is the rating for FAPtrubo in overall performance?

I will give overall of 4.5 stars / 5 stars.